Security. It is human nature to want to feel secure. We swaddle infants and leave night lights on for our children. As adults, we work to have a good job, a comfortable home, and to build a strong retirement portfolio. But when is the salary, the home, or the portfolio big enough?

When the world’s first billionaire John D. Rockefeller was asked “How much is enough?” his now famous reply was “Just a little bit more.” In reality, we will never have enough if our security is found in our things, our finances, our talent, or anything else for that matter. This is not an indication that any of those things are inherently bad; it is simply that no amount of them will ever make us feel completely secure: they simply can’t.

If our focus is on more: more money, more comfort, more friends, more anything this world has to offer then we will find ourselves drifting further and further out of phase. So, what is indicative of the “just a little bit more” mindset? It is that the only place we can find true, complete, and lasting security is in our relationship with Jesus.

If our security is wrapped up in anything else we will spend our life chasing numbers, only to die with the same haunting “just a little more” feeling. To keep our security in phase is to rest in God’s plan, trust in His call, and do our best to live it out each day.

Are you struggling with feeling as though you do not have enough?

Confess to Him that He is your provider: Your Jehovah Jireh. (Genesis 22:14)

Are you struggling to feel as though you do not do enough?

Confess to Him that He is your rest: (Matthew 11:28) 

Whenever we feel like we need “just a little bit more,” that’s when our relationship with God can get thrown off balance—out of phase— if we don’t keep it in check.

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