Reclamation: The Frye Family Band
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If you love family harmony and being in the presence of the Lord, this is the album for you! The Frye Family Band is at it again with their brand new EP “Reclamation”, I have to say this is one of the most anointed albums I have ever heard. Some of the greatest songs on this project are: “Completely Yours”, “You Are God”, “All In” and “Creation’s Song”. I have to share that through listening to this album, there were several times were tears stroked down my face as I remember of some of the things that God has brought me through. “Completely Yours” is one of the strongest songs I have ever heard, I love how it speaks of belonging to the Lord, when we begin to place our faith in Jesus Christ we begin to see things change. I strongly urge each and every Christian to pick up a copy of this album, as you will be happy you did!
Rating: 10/10
The Frye Family Band – Reclamation
Reviewed by Stephen Luff (Cross Rhythms UK)
This is the third release from this five piece family band from Indiana headed by father Tom. Contained here on this six track (Kickstarter backed) EP (including the bonus track “Completely Yours”) are songs reflecting life and faith continuing in their Americana style. The project was produced by Stephen Gause, who has previously worked with Jars Of Clay and plays percussion amongst other instruments. Tom, who leads worship at Westchester United Methodist Church, was involved in the writing of all the songs here. Lyrically there has been a slight move from the family theme of their debut ‘Under Indiana Lights’ to a more gentle universal approach with a strong hooks. “All In” is an extremely catchy song with Maggie Frye on vocals. There are also powerful songs like “Song Of Hope” and “Broken Places” which is a reflection on our failings and contradictory actions. All in all, an impressive release.
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The Frye Family Band – Reclamation
Reviewed by Marie Asner, The Phantom Tollbooth
Frye Family Band has been writing music and touring for years. The children were home schooled. It is a close-knit family group with Tom (Dad), Lisa (Mom), and children Maggie, Kaylyn and Jonathon. Now, the children are older and heading for college, so the context of the band changes. The family still writes their music and it is inspirational and reaches out to the audience. With five tracks on the CD “Reclamation,” you get the flavor of the band, and there is an extra song by Tom Frye included.

“Creation’s Song” is the first on the CD, with lyrics of “Earth would sing His praise…Alleluia.” “All In,” sung by the girls in the band, has an appealing, softer arrangement that speaks of “where He leads me, I will follow…and I’m All In.” “Song of Hope,” which should trade places with “Creation’s Song” and be Number One on the CD, is about dealing with insecurity. “I am my Father’s and He is mine…sin and death is not on me.”

“You are God” is thankfulness, while “Broken Places” is about giving hope in the “broken places.” God “…hears every cry and calls you by name.” The extra one on the CD, “Completely Yours,” has a freshness to it and it sung by the ladies in the group. “I want to be completely yours…take my life and set me free.” There is a good blend here of voices and instruments.

All in all, The Frye Family Band reaches its audience with appealing lyrics, arrangements and a good blend of voices. The family also has published a book of devotions called “101 Devotions For Busy Families” that has been reviewed at Phantom Tollbooth.

Copyright 2015 Marie Asner

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The Frye Family Band – Reclamation
Reviewed by Kenneth Wiegman, Alpha Omega News
The Frye’s are an exemplary illustration of a commitment to family, a pillar, that’s crumbling in the wake of social “advancement.” Their bio tells it all when they explain how their structure and cohesiveness was considered “weird” by contemporary standards. Their story alone is inspiration for other families.

Musically, the new EP, “Reclamation,” is a nice collection of faith-filled songs that also inspire. I particularly like the range of musical instruments and the variety of vocals. One of my favorites is “All In,” which is just a beautiful sounding song with so much heart. Another is “Completely Yours,” with the harmonies and the grace filled message.

“Reclamation” is a enjoyable EP with a mild acoustic soundtrack and positive, uplifting messages. A perfect combination for inspiring family moments.

The Frye Family Band – Reclamation
Reviewed by Whatzup
The Frye Family Band’s bio is something of a suspense story. It kicks off by mentioning that patriarch Tom Frye got a call one day expressing interest in featuring his family on a reality TV show, but the bio takes its time revealing how the phone call turned out. In the meantime, the bio focuses on the music and religious faith of the Frye family, which is really what the Frye Family Band are all about.

Reclamation, the band’s new EP, is a collection of six tracks, each with a subtly different flavor, but all of them fitting comfortably within the pop-country-Christian pigeonhole. “Creation’s Song” is just what you’d expect it to be: a simple song of praise for God’s creations, including imagery of the sea and flowers and replete with hallelujahs.

“All In,” one of two tracks that brings the vocals of the young Frye women to the fore, is a confection sweetly reminiscent of “Love Story”-era Taylor Swift, but here the love story is between the singer and God. The other of the two songs, “Completely Yours,” is distinctly more folky.

“Song of Hope (I Am My Father’s)” kicks up the energy a bit, with Nate Dugger’s banjo providing a bluegrass tint that leads toward a gospel hand-clapping climax. “Broken Places” is an understated encouragement to hang on to faith even during difficult times. The message of both songs is one of devotion in the face of doubt, but even in these songs, there’s not much tension.

I’ll end the suspense: Tom Frye turned down the TV show when the producer suggested that it was “weird” that a family was making music together. Spooked by the idea that the show was looking for dysfunction, he backed away. Given the fates of famous reality-TV families these days, it was probably a really smart move. Instead, the Frye Family Band remain devoted to their music, functionally, faithfully and happily.

101 Devotions For Busy Families
Review by Marie Asner
“101 Devotions For Busy Families” contains many topics for prayer and for family discussions. The Frye Family, consisting of parents Tom and Lisa Frye, and children Kaylan, Maggie and Jonathon travel as a band and present ideas for this devotional book. .

My favorites are “Gardens,” where the planting of seeds is like raising children. “Ebenezer” which is something I did not know, and is a stone for an altar. “What Are You Saying,” shows the importance of words. “Windows and Mirrors” about looking at life, and “They Really Lived” that references one of my favorite films, “Second Hand Lions.”

Topics include Parenting, Fathers, Resurrection, Faith and Works and God’s Plans to name a few. Each topic has a page with a Bible verse, commentary, and questions at the end for discussion. There are extra pages at the end of the book for personal notes. At just over 100 pages, and pocket-size, it is handy to carry with you for personal inspiration or sharing a moment with someone.

Copyright 2015 Marie Asner

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