6 Tips to Make Quarantine Homeschooling Easier and More Rewarding
Published in Crosswalk.com, April 9, 2020
Most of the nation’s families have suddenly found themselves schooling at home without any warning or preparation. My wife and I put in nearly two years of research before we began homeschooling our three children, so we know this has probably thrown many families into a tailspin. As a family that has many years of homeschooling trials and errors behind us, here are some essential tips to help your family not just survive, but thrive, in this new and unexpected season:
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Published in All About Worship, April 1, 2019
In Psalm 33:1 it was always the same three words, “Sing for joy”, which stood out to me. Until now, this verse simply represented one of the many times we are instructed throughout scripture to sing to the Lord. Today, however, the three words which most resonated with my spirit were “Praise is becoming”.
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Four Keys to Going The Distance in Homeschooling
Published in TWJ Magazine, August 2016
This graduation year was different than our previous two. It marked a change of seasons for our son, but as our youngest child, it also closed our season as a homeschooling family. His graduation marked the culmination of fifteen years of homeschooling he and our two daughters, the majority of which was taught by my wife.

As I watched my son turn the tassel, I found myself choking back tears as I recalled those midday phone calls and late night conversations when my wife doubted her ability to see through our commitment. Each time we reminded ourselves about the reasons we chose to homeschool, the qualities we could see taking root in our children’s lives, and the many times when God had already proven Himself faithful.

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Is Spanking Biblical
Published at Crosswalk.com September 29, 2014
We freely talk about the importance of discipline in the context of our finances, health, or work ethic, but when it comes discussing the discipline of our children, we often shirk away. Parental discipline, it seems, has become just as polarizing an issue as religion or politics.
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The Benefits of Freedom
Published in the Summer 2014 issue of Whoa Women Magazine
Just Do Life
Published in the premier edition of Family Band Magazine, Summer 2014
We Are All Homeschoolers Now
Published at Crosswalk.com March 14 2014
If you’re a homeschool family, you are likely well aware of the court battle involving the Romeike family. The Romeikes fled Germany and its Hitler-era laws against homeschooling, seeking asylum in the United States so they could honor their conviction to homeschool their children. This case serves as a great reminder of how truly blessed we are to have the freedom to educate our children at home, choosing curriculum that re-enforces our values, spending those all too fleeting moments with our children, and helping them develop and pursue their passions.
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``Parent`` Is A Verb
Published at Crosswalk.com December 31, 2013
According to a survey released by Baptist Press, if a child is the first person in their home to become a Christian, there is a 3.5% probability everyone else in the household will follow them into faith. If a mother is the first to accept Christ, there is a 17% likelihood her family will do the same. But, if a father is first in his family to become a follower of Jesus, 93% of the time his family will follow suit. Conversely, when fathers are absent or unengaged, things do not turn out well. In his book Father Fiction Donald Miller offers these sobering statistics: 94% percent of the prison population is men of which 85% percent grew up in a fatherless home.
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