Accolades and Endorsements
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“This devotional will challenge you …And that will lead to one thing … A stronger family! By writing this devotional, Tom encourages us to love God and our families … And to do it with scripture as our guide. Tom is a friend of my parents, and they love what he and his family are all about … I encourage all to ponder the thoughts that Tom has to offer.”

Mary Beth Chapman, author of Choosing to See

“Their professionalism was exceptional. Very talented. I will have them back again and would recommend them for your next event. Tom is a courteous, caring man who loves to share his life and talents.”

Pastor Phil Steele, Jamb for the Lamb, Vestaburg, Michigan

“In my sixty plus years on this earth I’ve literally come in contact with thousands of individuals and only a handful of them stick out for one reason or another. Tom Frye is one of those select few.

I met Tom and his family a few years back thru the recording industry and immediately liked this guy. Tom is the type of person that if every man were honest with himself would love to have as his best friend. His smile is infectious, he has an unshakable love for his wife and children, but most importantly Tom loves Jesus.

Such was not always the case; I know life has not always been easy for Tom and he still has some weeds and thorns in his rose garden of life; then again; don’t we all. However with that said; the one poignant, irrefutable, without a doubt certainty is that Tom loves his Savior. When in a conversation with Tom sooner rather than later that conversation will be about Jesus Christ. I am proud to call Tom my friend.”

Bob Horstman, WTGN FM, Lima, Ohio

“It’s been an honor to work alongside Tom and to call him my friend. It is so refreshing to see someone so courageously share his story and to see the way it fits within The Story that frames it. Tom has written with wisdom, humility, and most importantly, honesty. This book is a great guide to diving into your own history and finding where the seeds of redemption have been sown in it.”

Andrew Osenga, singer/songwriter, former member of Caedmon’s Call

“They led a very Spirit filled worship service at our church and it was very well received. Their praise music was the entire worship service. They spoke about their mission trips and their ministry. They really spoke to the families in the church and called them to become closer units. They called on parents to become the kind of leaders that Jesus told us all to be. I can’t wait until the next time they worship with us. We have a very diverse congregation both age and culturally and I highly recommend them to anyone. God Bless!”

Pastor Craig Cisco, Celina Zion UMC, Celina, Ohio

“The Frye Family Band are a professional family of singers/performers. They are able to hold the audiences attention through out the show. They are easy to work with and would recommend highly.”

Carla Loy, Bearcreek Farms Country Resort

“Tom and his family came to our church gathering and offered a down to earth family experience that was fun and edifying! We gave them 90 minutes of our morning which allowed them to share their music and ministry story. This provided a break for our music volunteers and a fresh face and voice for our attendees. Tom’s music is accessible and encouraging for a wide range people, and his family ministry is a fresh example of a real family living and loving each other! Tom’s children pull their own weight musically and each bring a heart for service which allows them to blend well as a band. Love these guys!!!”

Sam Steffen, Former Worship Pastor Hope Missionary Church, Ossian, Indiana

“I have had the privilege of sharing the stage with Tom Frye and his family and I was taken with his talent for writing and singing. He has such a wonderful heart for God and family and it comes through in his concerts. If you see him once you will always want to go back again.”

Jimmy Fortune singer/songwriter and former Statler Brother

“Tom Frye is a devoted husband, father and friend with a pastor’s heart. I’m excited that he has written a devotional that is sure to encourage families with the truth of God’s word applied to all of life.”

Jeremy Casella singer/songwriter Nashville, Tennessee

“…one of the things that really connected with me about Tom is that he doesn’t accept the norm, he doesn’t accept the world’s world view, but he’s accepted what Christ has taught us through the scriptures…Deuteronomy 6 is one of those passages that knit my heart together with Tom; as you’re sitting in your house as you’re walking along, as you’re doing life, no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing in life, we’re to talk about the things of Christ and that’s one of the things that just seems to ooze out of Tom and his family.

This is a family who is getting it. I see that they are learning how to live life as Christ really wants them to live it and it gives me something tangible to look at and to see that my family can do life together, my family can talk about God together, my family is designed to minister together. Seeing them do ministry today gave me hope, it gave me a model that we can point to…I look forward to further partnerships with Tom and to see where the Lord is going to take him because I think God is at work in this family’s lives.”

Pastor Brad Kittle, Praise Point Church, Willshire, Ohio

“His family is so special, as they shared in worship, as they shared in testimony, small group studies this weekend, wow! They just have such an awesome way of bringing the foundation of God through their family, what a blessing to have them and I would invite you to invite them to come to your church or your event because you’ll be blessed also.”

Pastor Rod Smith, Chippewa United Methodist Church, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania

“A lot of folks look to the coasts for stars, for fads, and for what’s happenin’ now. But the heartland is where you look for the heart and the strength of our society depends upon the wellbeing of the family. Tom Frye and his family have a gift of love, family and values that shines through their music, shines on stage in concerts and shines into your heart. The gifts of love and faith returned in praise through the Fryes, stirs our hearts and helps us praise and when we hear their music it sounds like “us”. It sounds like home. A home blessed by God. They are blessed by God and through them God blesses us as well.”

Pastor Greg Spencer, Cochranton UMC, Cochranton, Pennsylvania