Have you ever wished you could hear from God? Wished that He would just drop a neon sign from the sky and tell you exactly what to do? Or have you ever wondered if perhaps you have missed His directing altogether because you’ve been looking in all the wrong places?

One of our pastors said something recently that really intrigued me. He said, “For God to expose our limitations is His kindness expressed to us as He desires to invite us into something more.”

Wow! I don’t’ think I have ever considered being at the end of myself God’s kindness.

Often I have prayed to hear from God. But how many times has the hustle and bustle I have been caught up in drown out the gentle whisper of the Father?

As normalcy continues to fade before our eyes are you finding yourself feeling as though you are hanging by a thread, at your utter limit? What if, instead of panic, we responded by simply hanging in there at the very end of our limits and listened? Might we then be in a place where the clarity we have been craving we are now able to digest?

I believe God speaks to us with a still small voice, or a gentle whisper intentionally. After all, He’s the Creator of the universe who spoke this all into existence. He could easily allow His voice to roll like thunder across the sky, but He doesn’t. Why?

First of all, I believe He doesn’t want us to cower in fear, but to rest in Him. And secondly, I believe He desires for us to strain with every fiber of our being to grasp every syllable, knowing that to do so requires us to block out all other distractions.

I have to believe the neon sign we long to see has been there all along, it just comes in the form of a whisper. A whisper more easily heard when we are hanging by the last thread at the end of our rope.

For more on God’s gentle whisper, read 1 Kings 19:10-12

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