It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here.  It seems, anymore, life is a constant changing of seasons, growing exponentially busier.  This isn’t a rant, or complaint, I know a lot of people who are experiencing the same thing, just where we are, which makes having priorities in a proper order a must.

I have found time to write a few songs here and there, but most of my creative outlet has been given to writing a devotional.  I am thoroughly enjoying this process.  It has allowed me to give an outlet to several song ideas I’ve had, but never been able to write.

It has also heightened my awareness of God’s work in the everyday, from the beauty of the sun rise as I’m out for my morning jog, to the precious fleeting moments I have to work, play, laugh and cry with my wife and children, the Truth of the Gospel made increasingly evident, and the reality of that Truth which offers hope in spite of circumstance.

Life is busy, but it’s good!

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