Why is it that, for most of us, it is easier to dwell on what is wrong instead of focusing on what is right, on what we don’t have instead of what we do, on who we are not instead of who we are? All of which, if given attention, will drain our energy, rob our joy, and waste our most valuable commodity – time.

I have often said, “The most dangerous place for us to live is in the space between our ears.” Most of the time the sludge and mud in which we get bogged down is found in the dark, dank recesses of our mind. And, if we are not deliberate to take our thoughts captive we will likely get stuck there.

There are so many answers to the aforementioned questions, but at the root – I believe – is the fact that the negatives almost always validate our insecurities and exploit our fears. But why? Could it be because negativism roars, while the positives seem to whisper? Or possibly that we take so for granted our blessings that they simply get lost in the shadows of our cravings?

This morning I was reading in Acts 17, and I paused after reading these five words in verse seventeen, “…for in Him we live…”

As I considered those words I took a moment to journal “Life will never be perfect and yet we seem to dwell on that what is not just that. And, it becomes these ever-present imperfections which steal our gaze and drain our energy.

To be more alive, no to “feel” more alive we need only to shift our focus to those many blessings God gives us; those things that fill – not empty us, those things we live for and not just fight against.”

To live in Him is to live in light. There are no shadows in God’s presence and therefore no places for our blessings to hide. Do you find yourself craving satisfaction, joy, or purpose? These things will never be found in the company of our disappointments, but only in the presence of God.

In Him we live!

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