I routinely send inspirational or motivational quotes to those I coach. Recently, I sent one that resonated more than most others. It was a quote from www.ashepherdsheart.org that said “Someone, somewhere, is depending on you to do what God has called you to do.” Wow!

We are often distracted by many things; those which are urgent, those that are not – or at least should not be a priority, addictions (which can come in the form of unhealthy relationships with people or substances, attitudes, actions, or emotions), our own wants, social media, and the list goes on. Some distractions are unhealthy; others are ok in moderation and some are indeed “good” but simply not “best.”

I have recently challenged myself to steward my time more effectively so that I can best serve those to whom I’m called. This comes down to a word my wife and I have used a lot, and one that has become the brand for our ministry events – Deliberate.

To best serve those to whom we are called requires deliberate effort, not only in service to them, but to ourselves. After all, we are not a limitless resource. Put another way; we can’t pour from an empty cup! To keep our cup full requires that we are deliberate in getting rest, in staying healthy, in recreation, in prioritizing our time with family and friends, and certainly our spouse.

Some distractions are easy to identify – those things that are time wasters at best and unhealthy habits at worst. Then there are others that are indeed good: serving on committees, civic organizations, and the like. But these good things can often serve as a convenient or even unrealized distraction from the best things.

Who has God called you to? Is there anything that is limiting you from most effectively answering this call? If so, what steps can you take to become less distracted?

As part of this Deliberate Ministry, I offer coaching. One of my favorite things to do as a Certified Life Coach is helping people get unstuck, so that they can live more deliberately. If you feel you might benefit from this email info@familyfirstministries to schedule a no-obligation explore call.

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