The Frye Family Band
Oubache Music

The Frye’s are an exemplary illustration of a commitment to family, a pillar, that’s crumbling in the wake of social “advancement.” Their bio tells it all when they explain how their structure and cohesiveness was considered “weird” by contemporary standards. Their story alone is inspiration for other families.

Musically, the new EP, “Reclamation,” is a nice collection of faith-filled songs that also inspire. I particularly like the range of musical instruments and the variety of vocals. One of my favorites is “All In,” which is just a beautiful sounding song with so much heart. Another is “Completely Yours,” with the harmonies and the grace filled message.

“Reclamation” is a enjoyable EP with a mild acoustic soundtrack and positive, uplifting messages. A perfect combination for inspiring family moments. For more on the Frye’s check out their music and ministry at or

– Ken W.

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